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Born and raised in the historic Jackson Ward of Richmond, Virginia, James Thornhill is a gifted American artist and photographer.


A product of Richmond City Schools, he attended Open High School with an emphasis on art and screen printing. His creativity flourished during this time, and he found himself embarking on the journey of an artist.


James believes that his signature, Sir James L. Thornhill, is spiritually influenced from another time and generation. His expressions, however, are uniquely defined by his own vision.


Although his range encompasses various styles, his essence can be seen in the intimate oil portraits of dynamic figures balanced with backgrounds that emphasize cultural communities around the world. He is known to add thoughtful text into his works for an artful impact that positively promotes his ideals of spirituality in life’s possibilities.


His works come alive in bold colors and large frames.  “I don’t express a limitation in my work. I feel free to study and paint all the beauty that this world has to offer.” His community involvement includes mentoring and teaching visual arts to inner city youth enrolled in the Arts 180 program in Richmond.


A devoted naturalist, he shows his loyalty to the environment by using earth respecting products in the creative process. As James continues to develop and share his passion, he heeds an inner call to make spiritual, photographic and educational journeys across the global community, connecting with inspirational art forms, people and cultures.

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